Featured Photographers

Our main photography is done by Nicole Gillian Photography.

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Instagram: nicole.gillian

Nicole is a photographer and student in the Southern California area. She has a thorough education in photography, and has a rare-to-find nature eye for all things visual. Nicole has done everything from portraits, food, flowers, and lifestyle photoshoots and her experience is clearly evident through her work. Please visit her website or Instagram for inquiries or booking.

 Our shoots with Nicole Gillian Photography:









Emily Gummig Photography

 Emily lives and works around Southern California. She received her A.A. degree in Digital Photography, from the Art Institutes’ as her base in the field of Digital Photography.

She gives replacement to the stereotypical photographer, making modern society its own timeless slot in photographic history.
She is a photographer for the alternative, musician, artist, actor, actress lifestyle.
She believes in making something perfectly fitting for her clients' different personalities, by diving into their lifestyles.
She is here to make your image of self happen on a fantastical basis. She here to provide a photographic service to accommodate your aesthetic style.

Our shoots with Emily Gummig Photography: