2018 Ambassador Program

We love our ambassadors! If you are interested in being a product rep and ambassador for a diverse and fun swimwear company, then being a Brand Ambassador at The Brightest Color might be the perfect fit for you. 

Our Philosophy:

  • We want to motivate you to be the best rep you can be, both at The Brightest Color as well as with any other brands you want to do collaborations with. We will provide you with the skills for success to launch your influencer career and make it an amazing and triumphant journey!
  • In exchange, we want women who truly care about being an influencer, and aren't just here looking for free stuff. If you're only in it for freebies, you will probably be disappointed in this program, so it is best for you to move on. If you are motivated by your drive to succeed in your career, you're in the right place!


  • Outgoing, motivated, and friendly
  • No minimum followers required
  • Sales-minded: comfortable with approaching friends, family, or followers and selling products
  • Self-starter: you get out what you put in, so this program requires someone who can manage themselves without needing too much guidance


  • MONEY! We pay you 15% of every sale you make
  • AFFILIATE DASHBOARD! You get your own platform to track your sales, receive your commission, see how many people click your links, and so much more.
  • CUSTOM DISCOUNT CODES! You can personalize and manage your discount codes in the best way you see fit
  • SAMPLE SALES! You will be the first to know of sales, new products, and more!
  • GROWTH TOOLS! We will show you how we grow our social pages organically, and you can use the same systems we do if you choose!
  • DISCOUNTS & FREEBIES! We want to reward you for doing a good job, so of course there will be freebies along the way, like stickers, hats, apparel, beach beauty products, and swimsuits!

Click here to apply