Summer 2016 Swimwear Trends

Summer is almost here, which means summer trends are almost here! Really though, it is hard to ignore the buzz around summer at this time of year, and I am super excited about the styles I am seeing. 

I love swimwear. I am obsessed with swimwear. I am addicted to swimwear. For whatever reason, I have not been able to restrain myself when it comes to swimwear and buying new suits, and this year is no exception. Right now I have my collection narrowed down to about 20 suits, but at my worst I was well over 40... And I ironically only regularly wore 3 of them. The new swimwear styles have me tempted though, so without further adieu, here are my top 10 favorite trends for summer!

1. Neoprene

All hail Triangl for bringing this trend to us. I own a turquoise neoprene suit that is SUPER comfortable, and exactly like wearing a wetsuit (unfortunately including the sweaty part as well). The colors make everyone look tan, and the style really parallels with the sportiness seen in the entire fashion industry right now.




2. Mesh Details

Mesh has been popular in dresses lately, and designers have definitely gotten more creative with their detailing to make the mesh very flattering. This material has leaked over to swimwear, and it has received a very warm welcome!



3. Strappy

Bikinis have recently gotten even more fabric surprisingly! Strappy cuts are very popular and extremely flattering. But watch out for weird tan lines!



Kylie Jenner is the queen of this look...


4. Cheeky Bottoms

Bikinis have also gotten increasingly less fabric lately... Cheeky cut bikinis are breaking out of their origins in Hawaii and Southern California! Try one on and see the power of the cheeky cut and what it does for any type of butt!



5. Crochet

Nothing says "beach" quite like a crochet bikini. Although probably impractical for anything in water, these bikinis are adorable nonetheless. 




6. High Necklines

Ok so my chest is the first part of me to get sunburnt so I just want to start off by saying that this is my favorite trend. The high neckline draws the eye upward, so if you are self-conscious about your tummy but still love the bikini life, this is the way to go!



7. Palm Prints

Ok I change my mind for the third time about what says "beach-y" the most. Palm trees are the winner! Take me away to Hawaii...



8. Lace Up

The lace-up madness is everywhere in fashion today, from shoes, dresses, and now to swimwear. If you have big boobs, get ready to show them off in something like this!



9. One Pieces

Thank goodness one-piece swimsuits are back in style, because they are really forgiving when I am not really feeling the way my body looks. Plus, there are so many cute ones to choose from!



10. Stitched Details

This category tends to intermingle with neoprene, and once again, Triangl is the leader in this style. Keeping the black-bordered edges and solid colors classic, the stitches add that beach-y feel anyone can easily fall for.



Thanks for reading, bikini babes! Check back soon for more fashion posts!



Disclaimer: None of these images are mine. If you own these images, please email me and I would be happy to remove them or link them to your website.

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